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April 20 - April 24 Remote Learning Assignments


Below are links to the remote learning assignments for the week of April 20 - April 24. Remember, all assignments are due by noon on Monday, April 27th.  Assignments can be turned in directly to teachers online via email or hard copies can be turned in at the school in the Lake Crest foyer.


We encourage you to take a look at your child's link(s) here online if possible before coming in to pick up a hard copy packet.  Yes, we are providing hard copy packets at the school.  However, those are intended primarily for families that can not access the assignments online.  In many cases, the assignment simply needs to be viewed and read online.  The assignment itself can be completed and submitted on a loose leaf piece of paper.  You can print the online packet if you feel the need, but that is not necessary, nor is it required.  We understand that printing is not possible for everyone and assignment choices should reflect that understanding.

In grades K-8, students have a choice of which assignment to do within a subject area.  For example in Math, students are to complete one assignment for the week, but they have a "Choice 1" a "Choice 2" or a "Choice 3."  Grades K-5 offer free choice activities as well.  In addition to core subjects, K-8 students are assigned 3 PE activities per week.  Grades K-5 will also select either a Music or an Art activity.  Of those two, whichever one they select this week, they will do the other next week.

In grades 9-12, the number of activities a student has per week will depend on the class schedule he/she has this semester.  Students in an English class will have 2 English assignments for the week.  That is the same for any math class, 2 Math assignments per week.  HS students in PE will have 3 PE assignments for the week.  All other subjects/classes will have one assignment per week. 

Band students are encouraged to continue practicing their instruments at home.  However, band practice is not in place of remote learning requirements listed above.

Links to Kindergarten -
5th Grade Assignments

Kindergarten April 20-24

1st Grade April 20-24

2nd Grade April 20-24

3rd Grade April 20-24

4th Grade April 20-24

5th Grade April 20-24


Links to JH Assignments

Anderson 5th Gr. (in 5th Gr. Link above)

Anderson 6th PE

Anderson 7th & 8th PE

Epperson 6th Gr. Math

Epperson 7th Gr. Pre-Algebra

Epperson 8th Grade Algebra

Hoenes 6th Gr. Lang. Arts

Hoenes 6th Gr. Soc. St.

Hoenes 7th Gr. Lang. Arts

Hoenes 7th Gr. Soc. St.

Hoenes 8th Gr. Soc. St.

Kapraun-Veach 5th Gr. (in 5th Gr. Link above)

Kapraun-Veach 6th, 7th, & 8th Gr. PE

Lee Band (Enrichment)

Sewell 7th Gr. Science

Swigart 6th Gr. Literature

Swigart 7th Gr. Literature

Swigart 8th Gr. Literature

Swigart 8th Gr. Lang. Arts

Welch 6th Gr. Science

Welch 8th Gr. Science


Links to HS Assignments

Anderson Health

Anderson Early Bird PE

Anderson PE

Coon Ag. Bus. Mgmt.

Coon Ag. Science

Coon BSAA Animals

Coon Ag. Mech.

Coon Intro. to Ag.

Coon Lndscp. Design

Epperson Algebra

Fleckenstein Civics

Fleckenstein Illinois Hist.

Fleckenstein Mod. US Hist.

Fleckenstein US Hist.

Fleckenstein World Geog.

Fleckenstein World Hist.

Kapraun-Veach PE

Kile English I

Kile English II

Kile English III

Kile English IV

Kile Speech

Lee Band (Enrichment)

Myers Geometry

Myers Tech Math

Myers Algebra II

Myers Alg. III/Trig

Pendergast-White Child Dev.

Pendergast-White Cul. Occ.

Pendergast-White Inter. Design

Pendergast-White Foods & Nut. II

Pendergast-White Res. Mgmt.

Sewell Earth Science

Sewell Chemistry

Sewell Pre-Calculus

Stark Spanish I & II

Stark Spanish III

Sweeney Dr. Ed.

Sweeney Art

Swigart Eng. Lit.

Welch, D. Anatomy

Welch, D. Biology

Welch, J. Drafting & Constr. I & II